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Kaggle Days Warsaw

2 days | 100 participants | 13 Kaggle Grandmasters and Masters
Network | Learn | Compete

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Learn from the best Kagglers as they share their experience


Work on your code with hands-on help from Kaggle Grandmasters



Take part in Kaggle offline competition, win prizes and meet new Kaggle friends!


What are Kaggle Days?

Kaggle Days are the first global series of offline events for seasoned data scientists and Kagglers. They’re a way to create and build our data science community.

Our first-ever event, Kaggle Days Warsaw, was a huge success in 2018. Over 100 participants learned from Kaggle Grandmasters in lively presentations and workshops. For many, the highlight was the first-ever Kaggle offline competition, a daylong challenge right on-site. Since then, Kaggle Days grew into international series of events organized already in San Francisco, Dubai and Paris.

We organize such events 3-4 times a year to bring together Kaggle community in real life.

Experience Kaggle Days

Learn through fun and practice

Be a part of an amazing community

Win prizes in special competition

Learn from Kaggle Grandmasters

Get to know the city you visit

Choose the event you want to attend

Kaggle Days Meetup

Meet Kagglers from your city at regular events. Learn Data Science and make new friends!

Kaggle Days Event

Learn from Kaggle Grandmasters and win prizes in absolutely unique Kaggle offline competitions!

Kaggle Days brought to you by LogicAI in cooperation with Kaggle
for the Data Science Community

What is Kaggle?

Kaggle is a platform for Data Scientists, where they can participate in competitions to produce the best models for predicting and describing the datasets uploaded by companies and users, and win prizes.

Kaggle Days are organized
in wonderful places
all over the world

Next Editions in: Paris, London, Dublin, Brussels, Berlin, Lisbon, Dubai


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