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Final event

September, 2022


Final event @ HP Barcelona is invitation-only event

To get a ticket to the Finals you have to score high in one of our meetup competitions

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As a commitment to the Data Science community, Z by HP is proud to collaborate with Kaggle Days and LogicAI to organize the largest Data Science competition series. We deliver high-performance workstations to meet the demands of advanced analytics–right out of the box. Our desktops and notebooks are packed with industry-leading hardware and software innovations designed to accelerate your Data Science workflow.

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The Final Championship in Barcelona is going to be the biggest fiesta for Kagglers in 2022! Winners of the online competitions will get a chance to meet face-to-face while competing for the title of the Ultimate Kaggle Days x Z by HP Championship. Let the biggest Clash of Titans in history begin!


Grandmaster Speakers
2 Days
3 Winning Teams
144 greatest Kagglers




Firat Gonen
Ken Jee
Jeri Culp
Louise Ferbach
Qishen Ha
Ruchi Bhatia
Shen Tao
Takumi Okoshi
Andrew Kemp
Joe Summa
Anthony Goldbloom
Maria Parysz
Michael Kim
Philipp Singer
Dmitry Gordeev
Andrada Olteanu

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How can I register for the event?

Go to the registration page: REGISTRATION and fill in the registration form. We’ll contact you in less than 48 hours with confirmation or further follow-up questions.

You have to register for each of the meetups separately. Registration will be open 3 weeks prior to each online event.

Do I have to pay to participate?

No, this event is free of charge.

What is the criteria for joining the event?

Basically, any adult can join the event to become the Champion. You should know how to code and have some basic data science skills as this is a Data Science challenge.

How many members can be in a single team? Can I participate on my own?

All teams should be made up of up to 4 members. You can join only one single team for every online competition. Yes, you can participate as a single-person team however according to Kaggle statistics teams with more than one member,  usually have higher chances of winning.

Can I participate in more than one online competition/meetup?

Yes, you can! And we strongly encourage you to do so!

How to get to the finals?

The final event is a closed meeting intended only for the winners of the online competitions. To get the entrance ticket to the finals, you (your team) need to win one local competition (the first 3 winning teams will get an invitation to the finals).

What do I have to do to confirm my registration?

If you are chosen to be a participant, you will receive an email with a link. All you have to do is to click on the link to confirm and complete your registration form.

What should I do if I want to participate in the competition and I don't have my own group?

That’s not a problem. When filling in the registration form, please pay attention to question no 15 where you should select “no” to answer the following: “Do you already have a team”. Once you do that, we will contact you to give you an opportunity to meet and be paired up with other participants without the team!

What time zone will the online competitions be organized in ?

The meetups will be held at 4PM of a given meetup local time zone.

Does this tournament award Kaggle medals or affect Kaggle's official leaderboard?

No, this is an unofficial competition, not run by the Kaggle competitions team. No medals will be awarded and the outcome does not affect Kaggle’s leaderboard.


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