Meet the Speakers for Kaggle Days China 2019

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Tao Shen

Tao Shen is a Competitions Grandmaster and his display name is ‘SeuTao’ in Kaggle. He got a Master’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering from Southeast University, China. After graduation (2017), he came into Data Science industry and worked as a deep learning engineer. In his spare time, he competed in Kaggle and consecutively won 5 gold medals in 6 months. He believes Kaggle is a great platform for fast learning in data science and this platform places a very important role in his career.

Yuanhao Wu

Yuanhao studied mechatronics and robotics in school. He obtained the B.S. and M.S. degrees from Tsinghua University, Beijing, China in 2014 and 2017 respectively. He is now a NLP engineer at Chinese biggest automobile company. He knew Kaggle for the first time in late 2017 and was deeply attracted by this amazing platform. Since then, He has taken part in many Kaggle competitions. He is a Competitions Grandmaster on Kaggle.
Linkedin profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/yuanhao-wu-78b93684/
Website(Chinese): www.wuyuanhao.com

Qingchen Wang

Qingchen Wang received his Ph.D. in Data Science and Business Analytics from the University of Amsterdam and currently works as an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Hong Kong. Qingchen’s research focuses on the development and application of machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques for solving real-life business problems, and he teaches data science to students at all levels. Prior to pursuing an academic career, Qingchen was an active Kaggler and competed in over thirty Kaggle competitions. He eventually won nine gold medals and earned the “Grandmaster” status in 2016.

Chenglong Chen

Chenglong is an Algorithm Expert in Alibaba ALIMe Team, focusing on building intelligent customer service chatbot with the help of Machine Learning/Deep Learning/NLP techniques. Previously, he worked in Tencent Ads for two years as a researcher on Lookalike modeling. He loves machine learning competitions and has won top places in a few NLP competitions hosted on Kaggle. Chenglong holds a Ph.D. in Communication Engineering from Sun Yat-sen University since 2015.

Zhifeng Gao

I am a Research SDE in Microsoft Research Asia and I graduated from Peking University(2018) with a master’s degree in CS. Besides as a competitions grandmaster on kaggle, I also won a number of competitions on other platforms in China. I have some experience in chatbot system(Microsoft XiaoIce), quantitative finance and risk management. 

Jessica Li

Jessica works on data analytics and product management at Kaggle, helping Kaggle serve as a useful platform for data scientists around the world. She holds a bachelor’s degree in GIS and Remote Sensing from UCLA and worked on research analyzing tropical ecosystem carbon storage across biogeographic regions. She is passionate about intersecting geospatial data with machine learning. As a result, she has worked on civic tech initiatives and recently led a team to build a geospatial deep learning model at NASA. She looks forward to meeting Kagglers in China this fall and get to know the faces of the community better. 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jessicali9530

Yufeng Guo

Yufeng is a Developer Advocate at Google focusing on Cloud AI, where he is working to make machine learning more understandable and usable for all. He is the creator of the YouTube series AI Adventures, at yt.be/AIAdventures, exploring the art, science, and tools of machine learning.
He is enjoys hearing about new and interesting applications of machine learning, share your use case with him on Twitter @YufengG.

Qian Qian

I am a data scientist at Moseeker Inc, Shanghai. I develop dialog system for hiring managers that reduce their workload and help to update recommendation strategy for Moseeker’s recommendation engine, helping HR to select better candidates with less efforts. I have competed on kaggle in the past few years and gained the tier of kaggle grandmaster. I feel all new competitions with new questions to solve or engaging new technologies are my favorites.

Kazuki Onodera

Kazuki Onodera is a competition grandmaster working as data scientist in DeNA. After graduated university, he worked as consultant which develops predictive model of default for banks for two years. After that, he joined Yahoo! JAPAN and developed predictive model for recommendation system. He can come up with complex feature engineering that nobody does. He does loves tabular competitions which improves his strength.

Gabor Fodor

Data scientist with eight years experience and strong background in math and computer science. Thanks to the increasing demand for data science Gabor had a chance to work in quite different industries. He joined kaggle seven years ago and is addicted since, his best global rank is 4th for competitions and 7th for kernels.

Michael Yeh

Michael studied reinforcement learning applied to computer board games and received an M.S. degree from Chiao-Tung University, R.O.C, 2016. He won 1st place in the 18th Computer Olympiad 2048-game AI competition in pursuit of the M.S. degree. He is now a senior software engineer in Mediatek mobile phone team. Out of enthusiasm for data science and machine learning, he started competing on Kaggle in his spare time since late 2017 and won 5 gold medals up to date. He believes Kaggle is a great community with wonderful resources for people to learn from each other, practice data science and machine learning skills, and make connections with great minds all over the world. He is now a Competitions Master on Kaggle. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelyeh

Dmitry Larko

Dmitry works as a Senior Data Scientist at H2O.ai. He’s main area of interest is automatic discovering and building of machine learning pipelines (AutoML). He started his Kaggle career 6 years ago and still enjoying each and every competition he joins.

Jun Lan

Jun Lan (yelan) started his Kaggle career in late 2018. He has won 2 gold medals up to date and become a Kaggle Competitions Master. He now works as deep learning algorithm engineer at Winning Health Technology, where he is responsible for medical imaging algorithms  research. Jun Lan holds a master’s degree from Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Mikhail Trofimov

Mikhail graduated from MIPT (Moscow) in 2016, MS in DS. Has Kaggle Grandmaster tier, extensive industry experience. Works as ML Engineer at Joom. Lecturer at DataGym school and co-author of “How to win a Data Science Competitions” MOOC.

Yauhen Babakhin

Yauhen holds a Master’s Degree in Applied Data Analysis and has over 5 years of working experience in Data Science. Currently, he works as a Data Scientist at H2O.ai. He is also the first Kaggle competitions Grandmaster in Belarus having gold medals in both classic Machine Learning and Deep Learning competitions.

Jian Qiao

Jian Qiao (earlian) is now a postgraduate student at Beihang University. His research focuses on computer vision. Jian Qiao started competing on Kaggle since early 2018 and became a Kaggle Competitions Grandmaster in September 2019. So far, he has won 7 gold medals and 5 silver medals.

Pavel Ostyakov

Pavel is a senior research engineer at Huawei Technologies.  Previously, he was a deep learning engineer at Samsung AI Center Moscow. And he also worked on Yandex (Russian search engine) for 1.5 years as a developer of a distributed system for keeping and processing a large amount of data. He loves travelling, fishing and challenges in deep learning. He thinks Kaggle gives people an opportunity to learn things very fast and test knowledge on practice having a ready task, so he can’t stop spending all of the free time on competitions.

Liyue Zhao

R&D Director, Platform Product Center, CloudWalk Technology

Dr. Liyue Zhao is the R&D director of Platform Product Center at ClouldWalk Technology. Prioring to joining CloudWalk, he was the general manager of the AI Center at 9F Group. Even earlier, he led the deep learning team at iQIYI. Dr. Zhao was the academic editor for AI journals such as Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Recognition and Big Data Research. His research interests include the application of machine learning in financial risk management and precise marketing, deep learning-based image recognition and classification, and large-scale distributed image retrieval algorithm, etc.  Dr. Zhao received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of Central Florida. And he has a bachelor degree from University of Science and Technology of China.

Chao Zhang

Associate Professor at Tsinghua University

Dr. Chao Zhang is an Associate Professor at Tsinghua University. He was a member of the CTF team Blue-Lotus and now the coach. Prior to joining Tsinghua, he was a postdoc researcher at UC Berkeley, and received his B.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Peking University. He is the recipient of various awards including Excellent Young Faculty of Tsinghua University, MIT TR35 China, and Qiu Shi Outstanding Young Scholar Award. His research interest lies in system and software security, including data-driven vulnerability discovery and malware analysis, as well as security hardening of AI models. He has proposed several defense solutions, and won the Microsoft BlueHat Prize Contest Special Recognition Award, DARPA CGC Qualification Event 1st rank defense, and found over 200 CVE vulnerabilities.