Meet speakers for Dubai, March 2020 edition

Alberto Danese

Alberto Danese is Head of Data Science in Nexi, the leading Italian digital payments company. After spending 10+ years in consultancy first and in credit risk later, he’s currently focused on the transformation of different business processes within his company, by leveraging a considerable and varied amount data, together with a team of data scientists and engineers. He’s a computer engineer himself (Politecnico di Milano, 2007) and thinks the path to become a Kaggle Grandmaster played a huge role in his personal and professional development over the last few years.

Darius Barušauskas

BSc & MSc in Econometrics, Vilnius University (Lithuania). Proficient in R, full time python in last 3 years. An expert in credit risk modelling (30+ models), modelling experience in many different industries. Co-founder of chest X-ray radiology startup Oxipit ($1.5M seed round). 4th overall rank in Kaggle, 4 first place finishes (2 as solo).

Konstantin Gavrilchik

Konstatin Gavrilchic graduated from MIPT with a bachelor degree in Applied Math and Physics in 2018. Currently, he continues education as a master student in SkolTech and MIPT at the same time. For 4 years he have worked in several companies as a Data Scientist where he was involved in almost all types of ML problems — classic ML, CV and NLP. Konstantin really likes Machine Learning for ability to apply it to different areas and huge variety of real-life problems. And It is the main key why Kaggle interested him a lot. Countless hours spent there brought him to the 6th global rank and Grandmaster tier.

Evgeny Patekha

Evgeny Patekha is a Machine Learning analyst. Four years ago he decided to start a new career as a Data Scientist. Coursera helped him to get theoretical knowledge in Machine Learning, statistics, and programming. Kaggle competitions provided him not only with the experience of solving practical cases, but also helped him to fill his CV and boost his career. Kaggle helped him to get a job as a Machine Learning analyst at bank Uralsib and QIWI, the leading Russian payment service.

Darragh Hanley

Darragh is a Kaggle Grandmaster and AI Engineer at Optum. There he develops predictive health solutions using artificial intelligence. He is also a lecturer in UC Berkeley’s MIDS Data Science program teaching Deep Learning on the Cloud and at the Edge.

David Gbodi Odaibo

Davis is PhD in Computer Engineering, Co-founder and CTO of AI Startup Analytical-AI which was selected to be part of the Department of Homeland Security’s “Silicon Valley Innovation Program (SVIP)”. David’s team placed 3rd in the Department of Homeland Security’s “Passenger Screening Algorithm Kaggle Challenge”, a challenge designed to improve the accuracy of a next generation millimeter wave scanner called the High Definition-Advanced Imaging Technology (HD-AIT) system.


Addison Howard

Addison has three bachelor’s degrees in Mathematics, Economics and Accounting from Furman University, and a Masters Degree in Accounting from Wake Forest. He has been a program manager on the Kaggle competitions team for nearly three years and helps bring exciting and unique machine learning challenges to the data science community.


Stanislav Semenov

Stanislav has a Bachelor’s Degrees in Theoretical Physics and Master’s Degree in Computer Science. He is a former Kaggle Top-1 (28 Gold, 9 Silver), Data Science Game champion, multiple winner of other competitions. He has a big experience in solving complex data science problems. The main area of interest is applying modern data science and machine learning methods to financial markets.


Ash Hafez

Ash is a Senior Director of AI & Data Science at the biotechnology startup Tempus Lab, where he leads a group of data & machine learning scientists, building predictive models in oncology and cardiology. Each day they attempt to solve challenging data problems, using modern machine learning tools, in order to help people live longer.

Prior to Tempus, he spent several years as a quantitative trader in the currencies and futures markets as various HFT startups, successfully applying predictive temporal modeling in one of the most challenging competitive environments out there.

His background originally however is in computer science and technology, having spent many years leading teams of engineers building large scale data driven system, both in banking and real-time process control.

Veleriy Babushkin

Valeriy Babushkin is the Senior Director of Data Science at X5 Retail Group, where he leads a team of 80+ people in fields of Machine Learning, Data Analysis, Computer Vision, NLP, R&D, A/B testing. Valeriy is a Kaggle competition grandmaster and attending lecturer at National Research Institute Higher School of Economics and Central Bank of Kazakhstan