Global: Kaggle Days

Building Data Science Offline Community

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Building Data Science Offline Community

Data Science Enthusiasts

Speakers are Grandmasters

First Kaggle Offline Competition

Local or Global?

Local - Kaggle Days Meetup

Aim: Learn, meet Kaggle Grandmasters, Masters, and Data Scientists from your city, socialize
- participants: 30 - 60
- events per year: 10 per one Meetup (one city)
- type: meetup
- how long: 2-3 hour meetings

Global - Kaggle Days Event

Aim: Learn, meet the best Data Scientists from all over the world, win competition, socialize
- participants: 150 - 250
- events per year: 3 - 4 around the world
- type: conference
- how long: 2-3 days

Is this event for me?

If you are a Data Science enthusiast, experienced Kaggler or a programmer eager to learn, practice new skills and meet the best Data Scientists
this is the event for you

About Kaggle Days

Data Science event

Presentations and workshops

Worldwide event

Over 100 participants from 30 countries

Creating offline community

Global community of Data Science enthusiasts

Event for experienced Kagglers

Carefully chosen participants

11-hour Kaggle competition

The first Kaggle offline competition

Best speakers

13 Kaggle Grandmasters and Masters

Future Kaggle Days editions in...

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Pawel's story

“My background is in economy, because I’ve graduated from Warsaw School of Economics.

I have worked in a bank for couple of years but I knew that this wasn’t for me.

I finished the first edition of Andrew Ng’s “ml class” (long before it converted into Coursera) and started doing the competitions. In my second competition I placed 4th and I knew that it is something for me.

Now I’m a Kaggle Grandmaster and a Chief Data Scientist and a co-founder of LogicAI and want to share my story with young people and encourage them to learn with kaggle, just as I did :)”

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